Mac or PC. The great debate. You might be surprised with our approach.

Chicago Mac & Apple SupportMac vs. PC… it’s a debate that has been raging on for decades. IBM dominated the 70’s. Apple took the lead in the 80’s. Microsoft ruled the 90’s. With the invention of Apple’s iPod in the early 2000’s and more recently the introduction of the iPhone and iPad devices, Apple is penetrating more and more into the consumer and business markets. This new phenomenon is often called the “Consumerization of IT”.

So who will win the debate now? We believe everyone wins. There are certain tasks that Windows performs better. There are other items which are easier with a Mac (and not just graphic design and video editing). A great deal of the difference comes down to personal preference.

The good news is that everything Apple is one of our specialties. But don’t worry, we also support Microsoft Windows desktop and servers, including mixed Mac/PC environments. We believe that Macs and PCs are just two different styles of tools and we are strong proponents of choosing the right tool for the job.

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So what happens if you use a Mac but for whatever reason, you still need to run a Windows-based program? What if you use a PC but need to run a Mac-based program? Good news, you have several good options to accomplish both of these scenarios. These include:

  • Boot Camp – dual-boot your Mac into both Mac OS X and Windows
  • Virtualize Windows – on premise or hosted in the cloud
  • Virtualize Mac OS X – on premise or hosted in the cloud (only on Apple equipment)

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With the “Consumerization of IT” and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, learning how to effectively integrate different Mac and PC technologies is now more important than ever. Today, employees are demanding to use the newest and best technology at the office and at home. This includes using Mac computers in a Windows server environment (or vice versa). Although this has given both the employees and business owners more flexibility, it has also created new problems with the integration and management of these devices. Proper integration can be accomplished in multiple ways, including:

  • Leveraging the built-in features of the Mac or Windows operating systems
  • Utilizing 3rd party client-side software on Macs or PCs
  • Installing and configuring server-side software on Windows servers

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