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Chicago Mac & Windows IT Support

Our Approach

We are a solutions company. We are problem solvers, data protectors and pseudo fortune tellers. We are Chicago Mac and PC professionals that are mobile, living in “the cloud” but we are also down to earth. Whether you have a business or home office, we provide answers to everyday technology challenges allowing you to leverage technology for a more efficient, productive and profitable experience.

Forte Technology Group is comprised of knowledgeable professionals with over 15 years of experience in the computing world from a variety of backgrounds and industries. We don’t pretend to know everything (trust us, you don’t want somebody who pretends to know everything). But one of the items we pride ourselves on is the ability to utilize our many resources to find, implement and support the best comprehensive solutions for our clients. If we sound like a good fit for you or your business, please feel free to contact us today to see how we can put technology to work for you.

Chicago Mac & Windows IT Support

No Geek Speak

Technology can already be overwhelming and confusing without using terms that sound straight out of Star Trek. We take the time to discuss technology using common terms and keep the geek speak to a minimum.

Our clients appreciate our professionalism and personal warmth (sometimes even our humor). If we sound like a company that you would enjoy working with, please contact us today to see how we can help with your next venture.

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